Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Università Cattolica is an Academic Community that promotes study, scientific research and the education of young people for research, teaching, public office and liberal professions. Università Cattolica carries out the above-mentioned tasks through appropriate higher education, which is adherent to the principles of Christianity, with due regard for the autonomy proper to every form of knowledge, and according to a conception of science at the service of the human being and of civil co-existence, in line with the principles of the Catholic doctrine and with the universal nature of Catholicism and its high and specific needs of freedom.

Since its foundation, in 1921, by Father Agostino Gemelli together with a group of Catholic intellectuals, Università Cattolica has granted students not only a solid cultural background and the indispensable professional skills, but also a coherent academic syllabus. Distinctive aspects are the well-structured and multidisciplinary academic programmes, based on commitment to excellence in education, a robust link to the world of work and the professions together with a strong international profile. Thanks to our undertaking on the frontiers of scientific research, along with our publications and our prestigious reputation, Cattolica is ranked amongst the most prestigious European and global universities.

The support system of services and subsidies for students and families facilitates university life and fully enables the opportunity to challenge and deepen knowledge. We have always strongly nurtured postgraduate education, fostering forms of collaboration with other universities and research centres, successful enterprises, institutions, and local bodies.

Research is one of the cornerstones upon which Università Cattolica is underpinned. The close relationship between academic services and research contributes decisively to diffusing an interdisciplinary knowledge to the new generations that is based on scientific rigor in the different fields of knowledge.

More information: https://www.unicatt.eu/

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