St Mary’s University

Established in 1850 with a distinctive Catholic identity, St Mary’s is a Catholic University seeking to develop the whole person and empower our community to have a positive impact on the world. St Mary’s has a deep heritage in education being founded by Catholic Poor Schools Committee to meet the need for teachers to provide an education for the growing number of poor Catholic children.

Our ethos derives from the philosophy of Blessed John Henry, Cardinal Newman, the architect of the modern understanding of a university. Our style of teaching and our approach to learning which emphasises student engagement and participation reflects Newman’s idea of inter-disciplinary education, virtues and values, and the formation of each individual enriched by insights from the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The powerful sense of community that characterises St Mary’s is a product of our ethos and the core values that underpin it: inclusiveness, generosity of spirit, respect, and excellence. St. Mary’s has established excellence in provision across a wide range of academic areas and a highly respected and research-active Institute of Theology, which houses the Mater Ecclesiae College, established in 1614.


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