University of Namur

In 1831, the Society of Jesus founds the FUNDP in Namur, Belgium, which become the University of Namur in 2013. Situated in the heart of Europe, the UNamur benefits from all the facilities of the city and offers a high quality of life.

The UNamur places the human being in the heart of its inherited Jesuit traditional values: openness, excellence, liberty, and sustainability. It is open to the world and to all categories of people, whatever their age, role, origins, or status. It aims at excellence in a fully human approach, integrating proximity, solidarity, equity, and respect. It pays special attention to personal development for students, researchers, teachers and collaborators. It considers its societal responsibility as an integral part of its missions, especially in regard to social and ecological justice.

Within its six Faculties, the UNamur educates students and researchers as responsible actors in society. It encourages them in extra-academic social, citizen and humanist projects to contribute to the development of a democratic, pluralist, and supportive society. In its research mission, the University of Namur favours subjects which combine excellence and long-term concern. It pays specific attention to interdisciplinarity and considers the human and social stakes of science and technology by engaging society as well as answering its calls.

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