UC Leuven-Limburg

UC Leuven-Limburg University College is a quality-oriented institution that offers higher education, research, and community service. The institution found inspiration within the valuable and diverse Christian school of thought while seeking dialogue with and contributing to an open, pluralistic, and intercultural society.

‘Moving Minds’ means motivating and connecting a wide variety of people, so ideas are shared, brought to life and cause positive change. Its scope transcends borders, its minds question the status quo, and its focus lies on the difference working together and inspiring others can make. Moving minds have an authentic voice that empowers themselves, each other, and others. Its teaching philosophy, applied research and community service are a powerful and creative symbiosis shaped by the students, staff members, employers, and society. Working in this way also entails an international vision and a strong engagement with regional (EU-) developments.

UC Leuven trains inspiring professionals, open-minded world citizens, and strong personalities who contribute to a sustainable and just society for life.

The University has four ambitions. 

#UCLLsuccessstories: UCLL wants to maximize success experiences for all students. The labour market is changing non-stop and that requires flexibility in courses and programs offered, excellent guidance and quality training. Our Moving Minds are: inspiring professionals, with an entrepreneurial attitude and a strong personality. Always ready to respond to changes in society. 

#UCLLregionalboost in the international context: Think global, act local. UCLL is committed to make a meaningful contribution in an (Eu) regional context together with our partners. By focusing on innovative, practice-oriented research and on future and labour market-proof programs, Moving Minds can tackle universal issues such as mobility, climate, poverty, etc. with an open mind within their region. 

#UCLLglobalcitizens: UCLL motivates its entire community to engage as global citizens. All its Moving Minds actively contribute to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Collaboration with foreign institutions in Europe and beyond is of great importance to develop quality education and research. 

#UCLLinspires: UCLL offers an inspiring learning, working, and living environment where all students and employees feel at home. Participation is key and everyone can fully develop to be a passionate Moving Mind. Thanks to this approach, UCLL is an attractive and innovative employer for a wide range of enthusiastic talents.


Supported Institutions in the Region