Catholic University of Lille

Founded in 1875 by Catholic entrepreneurs, the Université Catholique de Lille is a federation of varied institutions of higher education and research, and of institutes in the fields of healthcare, social action, and social medicine, serving its students and the university community. All of these contribute to the overall life of the university with an aim of general interest and public utility.
The activities of these institutions have been shaped by human and Christian values. The UCLille offers its students an integral learning experience combining self-discovery, solidarity, and for those who wish, openness to Gospel. Such an education requires a multidisciplinary approach so that all see themselves as citizens of the world and members of the human family.
The University builds on its Catholic origins, combining respect for the dignity of each person and Church social Teaching. Through hope, the institution believes that every person and every society has the capacity for progress, and refuse the inevitability of failure and exclusion.
Université Catholique de Lille photo

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