Service-learning (SL) can make a specific pedagogical contribution to Catholic Higher Education Institutions (CHEIs), helping them to articulate their social outreach and spiritual identity with academic activities, offering innovative ways to achieve a “hands, head and heart” education, as demonstrated by research and experiences developed by CHEIs.The general research and reflection objective of the UNISERVITATE Programme is to understand the contributions of the spiritual dimension of SL to the identity and mission of the CHEIs, considering diverse multicultural contexts. Under this statement it is hoped to contribute to the building of strong links between spiritual reflection, pastoral activities, learning, teaching and research.

The question of reflection and research that UNISERVITATE seeks to answer can be summarized as follows: What is the contribution of the spiritual dimension of SL to the mission and identity of CHEIs at the global level, in diverse multicultural contexts? This virtual space is a place to exchange news, materials and documents, as well as academic articles and other valuable research resources. The aim is to form a community that builds and exchanges knowledge, reflecting on and researching the spiritual dimension of SL at CHEIs.