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A point of reference on the theory and practice of service-learning, its spiritual dimension and its multiple cultural and institutional expressions.

The UNISERVITATE Collection is an editorial project of CLAYSS (Latin American Center for Service-Learning) in articulation with Porticus.  It is aimed at Catholic Higher Education professors and authorities, other educational institutions, specialists in service-learning, ecclesiastical leaders, as well as the general public interested in education and social change.With the contribution and collaboration of outstanding international academics and specialists, its objective is to offer contributions from different regions and to share multicultural perspectives on topics of interest related to spirituality and the pedagogy of service-learning in the world.


The UNISERVITATE Repository is composed of theoretical and spiritual frameworks, evaluation instruments, techniques, strategies and others, already developed by the international community involved in service-learning.Its growth is based on the motivation of the global community of practice that learns, produces and shares knowledge on the subject, actively participates in the exchange and forges meaning and identity.The repository is thought as space with circular dynamic, so those who contribute to can also benefit from relevant and valuable sources.

The Repository is the result of an ongoing process, which consists of three main moments:

The search, discovery and selection of resources are motivated by the specificity of the Repository.Priority will be given to resources in different languages, as long as they are freely available on the web and adhere to copyright rules.

This is the moment when meaning and value are given to the identified resource, by means of cataloging, labeling, grouping in collections and elaborating a brief presentation text.

The curated resource is published in the Repository and becomes available to users who, in turn, can disseminate it.

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