Service Learning for Recovery of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine is causing a massive humanitarian crisis. Many countries are providing assistance to Ukraine in immediate response but also broader discussions about longer term recovery on the principles of Build Back Better take place at the level of governments, business associations, universities, NGOs. International experience and international perspective is also very important to make the process transparent and up to speed. With the beginning of the war, many Ukrainian universities showed exemplary resilience and solidarity, engaged in global advocacy for Ukraine. Most supported their students and faculty in the time of trial. Volunteering became a part of everyday life for many Ukrainian students and faculty members. A sudden and rapid increase of requests from society makes a Service Learning methodology an opportunity to fulfill some new missions.
This panel organized by the Catholic University of Ukraine, a member of the Uniservitate regional hub in Central, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, invites to reflect and discuss on the following questions:
Global interdependence and how local issues in various parts of the World influence all of us?
How do local service learning projects help in solving global issues?
What can Ukraine learn from the global community for the recovery programs?

Highlighted Ideas

The challenge to move beyond ourselves

See Catholic Higher Education institituions as places to learn critical thinking and social love. (Richard Brosse)

Solidarity, Fraternity and Justice

Service-learning is a springboard to ecumenical dialogue. (María Nieves Tapia)

Reaching out beyond the borders of
our colleges

Service-learning is one of the pillars of the university social responsibility (Isabel Capeloa Gil)

Uniservitate Global Network

Uniservitate Tour 2022

This video is a summary of the highlights of our visit to Assam Don Bosco University, Institution that integrates the Uniservitate regional hub in Asia and Oceania.

Science at the service of the community

Drinking water in rural areas by applying nanotechnology.
Assam Don Bosco University, India 

Urban and social integration

Advice to entrepreneurs in vulnerable neighbourhoods. Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA)

Students & Seniors

Telerehabilitation and service-learning. (SP) (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

Pharmacy Students & People with Disabilities

Reciprocity is the key in service-learning. (EN) (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Students & Housing

Architecture and service-learning. (SP) (Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Argentina)

i see the light

This song is composed by Anshul Aldrin Bilung (BA Psychology, 4th Sem, Asam Don Bosco Unversity, India) for TIKA UTSAV – a four day mass vaccination programme for COVID-19 from 11-14 April 2021 by Govt. of India. The whole production of this video is done by NSS Cell, ADBU.


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