Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina

The Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina is a Church institution founded in 1958 by the Argentine Episcopate. It is an academic community, dedicated to the search for truth and the cultivation of wisdom in the different disciplines and branches of knowledge. Faithful to the valuable model of its origins, the University wishes to exercise a fruitful communication of universal knowledge through the encounter between professors and students open to the splendour of truth.

It is a reflective, qualified, witnessing and public body of Christian thought in the various fields of knowledge and professions. It carries out its mission through research, systematic and integrated teaching of the different disciplines and humanistic and Christian formation, based on solid scientific foundations and ethical values that open the human being to transcendence.

Faithful to the Social Teachings of the Church, it develops outreach activities, assuming its responsibility to the whole community, especially to the most vulnerable. UCA’s responsibility is to achieve the formation of a graduate as an “expert in humanity”.

Website: uca.edu.ar/compromisosocial

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