Board and hubs: Witnesses of « a small miracle »

On 14th December, the members of the Uniservitate academicboard, the representatives from the seven hubs, and the team coordinating this programme held an end-of-year meeting. All of them highlighted the fraternity with which this global community is growing.

The participants shared their experiences of major international events and recalled the challenges faced during 2023 along with their greatest achievements. Many of them emphasised the importance of the continuity of the Uniservitate programme and the ongoing strengthening of its links and alliances with networks and institutions from different latitudes. They also appreciated the fraternal and collaborative atmosphere among its members. They pointed out that Uniservitate, unlike many networks that « dry up » soon after their creation, « has become a real community and is constantly growing ».

Several representatives agreed to highlight progress in the coordination between the member universities of the Programme and between the Academic Council and the hubs. The enriching value that research grants provide, as well as the realization of the Uniservitate Award, was also noted, both for those who carry out the projects and for those who participate in the juries.

Representing universities in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, Christianne Hoth shared her gratitude that they were able to turn the challenges presented by the current war into opportunities. “Service-learning is fruitful in that context,” she stated when describing various research and aid activities that students and teachers in Belén and other cities are carrying out at universities in the area.

Arantzazu Martinez, from Spain, summarised the voices heard at the last meeting of the year: « When we saw the horizon of the first stage (of the Uniservitate programme), it seemed like a utopia. We have already started the second stage with many visible results and others not so visible, but we know that they exist in so many places. We are witnesses of a small miracle for which we are very thankful ».


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