Uniservitate Global Meeting in the XIX Service-Learning Week organised in Argentina.

In the framework of the « XIX Service-Learning Week » organised by CLAYSS, took place the global meeting of the Uniservitate Programme.

We were very happy to welcome more than 50 representatives from our 7 regional hubs and universities supported by the Programme worldwide.

The meeting was held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, UCA (Buenos Aires, Argentina), a university that is part of the regional hub for Latin America and the Caribbean. There, a full agenda of activities was held, inviting the sharing of knowledge and experiences from each region. The exchange also allowed to strengthen ties and generate opportunities for articulation between the different institutions involved.

The day was opened by María Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS, Ma. Rosa Tapia, coordinator of the Uniservitate Programme and the vice-rector for integration of the host university, Father Gustavo Boquin  The presentation was moderated by Andrés Peregalli, vice-coordinator of the Uniservitate Programme.

Throughout the day, each regional hub made a presentation on the progress of the institutionalisation of SL in their universities, group activities were also carried out with the aim of generating a rich exchange of experiences and finally, guidelines were agreed upon for the future of the Programme in each region.

At the end of the meeting, a mass was celebrated by Father Boquín and concelebrated by Father Nicolas Standaert, from Ku Leuven University, Belgium.

This was the end of a fraternal and inspiring global meeting of committed and supportive universities from 5 continents.

The following is a video summary of the meeting:

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