Uniservitate participated in the 27th FIUC General Assembly

From July 30 to August 3, María Rosa Tapia, coordinator of the Uniservitate Programme, had the significant experience of participating in the 27th General Assembly of the FIUC (International Federation of Catholic Universities) at Boston College, USA.  The four-day meeting was an invitation to reflect on « Legacy and Transformation in a Changing World: Catholic Higher Education and the Future » with more than 200 rectors and leaders of Catholic Higher Education.

The event was a great opportunity to share visions, exchange experiences, strengthen our international networks and continue promoting service-learning for integral education through the Uniservitate Programme coordinated by CLAYSS – Latin American Center for Solidarity Learning and Service.

Special thanks to all the organizing team of this important event and in particular to Isabel Capeloa Gil, president of FIUC and rector of the Portuguese Catholic University an institution that integrates the global network of universities supported by Uniservitate.

For more information about the event: http://www.fiuc.org/article40_en.html

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