Last Friday, July 16, took place the launching of the “Uniservitate Collection”.

The event gathered participants from 20 countries and more than 60 educational institutions around the celebration of this new editorial project of the Uniservitate Programme, which arises with the intention of continuing to promote the pedagogy of service-learning in Higher Education.

Those who attended the live meeting had the opportunity to share with Nieves Tapia, director of the Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS) and Ma. Rosa Tapia, coordinator of Uniservitate, a moment of dialogue, reflection and inspiration.

In this space, “the importance of installing institutional policies of service-learning and putting knowledge at the service of building a more just and equitable world was highlighted.  For the latter, the active participation of higher education students as agents of social change was put in the foreground”. Service-learning implies putting knowledge at the service of the community and learning from it everything that is not taught in books, thus integrating learning that involves head, hands and heart.

Within the framework of the meeting, volume I of the digital book collection entitled Proceedings of the I Global Uniservitate Symposium, a global and multicultural meeting that brought together specialists, educators and students from the 5 continents in October 2020 to share knowledge and experiences related to the service-learning pedagogy in their regions, was also presented. This first volume can be downloaded free of charge in pdf and formats. The publication is available in English, Spanish and soon in French at this link:

Launching virtual event video:



Pas d'événement actuellement programmé.
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