Call for catholic higher education institutions

Porticus and the Latin American Center for Solidarity Service-learning (CLAYSS) are inviting Catholic Higher Education Institutions (CHEIs) to participate in the UNISERVITATE programme.

The Programme aims to generate a systemic change in CHEIs, through the institutionalization of service-learning (SL) as a tool to fulfil their mission of an integral education, to generate agents for social change who critically engage for a better society according to the social teaching of the Church.

Twenty higher education institutions around the world will be selected to participate in a capacity building programme to institutionalize service-learning. This will include training, participation in international events, full access to our content platform, scholarships for our courses and economic assistance.

The application process for the Asia & Oceania and the Latin America and the Caribbean regions ended on September 30th.

A new deadline was established for November 27th to ensure regional and multicultural coverage for the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Central and Eastern Europe & Middle East
  • Western Europe North
  • Western Europe South

If your institution is interested in participating, please contact us by email:

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