🥇Uniservitate Award 2022 winning experience


Reclaiming the value of the cultural commons by exploring the work of Jane Austen applied to the reality of the Fourth Bluff community.

As part of a Community-Engaged Learning course offered by the CBU Center for Community Engagement, students and faculty from the Departments of Literature and Languages, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science work together to revalue Memphis’ historic area. They design and offer digital tools to promote the Memphis Public Library by providing free access to the publications, manuscripts and shared resources of the city’s cultural commons. This community-based service is inspired by the work of Jane Austen, a British writer who analysed social conflicts regarding access to the commons and criticised their mismanagement in her fictional novels.


  • Name: English 355: Jane Austen and the Civic Commons (Manuscript, Print, and Digital Media)Community Engaged Learning Course sponsored by el CBU Center for Community Engagement

  • Region: The United States of America and Canada

  • Country: The United States

  • University: Christian Brothers University

  • Area or School involved: Course Departments of Literature and Languages, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

  • Theme: Historical Heritage Rescue

  • Place of implementation: COSSITT library and the Fourth Bluff community

  • Responsible for the experience: Justin Brooks, Paul Juliette, Jame Mc Guffe and June Michael