Peris Waithera Mwangi: “If You Want Peace, You Have to Make It and Live in It”

A student at Tangaza College in Nairobi, Kenya, Peris Waithera Mwangi is a Muslim who [...]

A Decalogue based on Lessons Learned

From the fraternal exchange among the members of Uniservitate, the initiative "A Decalogue of Lessons [...]

Flashes of New Hope

We are grateful and enthusiastic about what we have experienced in the first months of [...]

Rectors from around the world shared achievements and challenges in SL

A virtual meeting with authorities from some twenty Catholic higher education institutions from the five [...]

First Steps in the Uniservitate Memberships

With its own logo and substantial response from Catholic Higher Education institutions and international associations, [...]

Trainer of Trainers in Service-Learning

During the second semester of 2023, the CLAYSS-Uniservitate Training team conducted the online course "Training [...]

IFCU Centenary: Summit of Catholic Universities in Rome and Greetings from the Pope

Representatives of Catholic universities worldwide participated in Rome in a meeting organized by the International [...]

Erasmus: A Project at the Service of the Reconstruction of Ukraine

Three Ukrainian universities are developing a project, which obtained Erasmus funding, to seek to respond [...]

ODUCAL: A Latin American Space to break out of Endogamy

The Organization of Catholic Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (ODUCAL) held the XX [...]

Introducing the Uniservitate Community

Closing the fourth year since the creation of Uniservitate and already going through its second [...]

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