The commitment of higher education institutions to educational change through SL requires the strengthening of strategies for the formation, training and support of teachers and chairs for the mplementation of projects that link teaching with the needs of the communities of reference.

Within the framework of a global and multicultural programme such as UNISERVITATE, digital technologies offer great opportunities to extend training proposals and create networks in which teachers from different regions of the world can be trained in the theoretical and methodological foundations of SL, share experience and knowledge, be enriched by the views of other colleagues, be inspired by creative and powerful ideas, and imagine new collective projects together.

Through the virtual campus, UNISERVITATE offers training to the different actors that are part of the global network. The network strategy focuses on the training of trainers – management teams, managers, academic coordinators and teachers – of the hubs who, in turn, will be multiplier actors in their regions, leading the training of managers and teachers in the twenty higher education institutions participating in the programme.