Frequently asked questions

All Catholic Higher Education Institutions, university and non-university, that have developed or are developing service-learning projects and/or programmes between January 2019 and April 2022.

We understand “solidarity service-learning” (SL) as the experiences, projects, practices, courses or institutional programmes of solidarity service which include the community, with the students as active leaders, and is deliberately integrated with the curriculum contents and research programmes. It is an educational methodology that develops meaningful learning and promotes problem-based learning, to offer specific solutions while reinforcing the whole-person education.
Service-learning projects not only contribute to addressing a wide variety of social and environmental needs, but also optimize the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, since they encourage students to research and solidarity engage in a community context.

All those experiences that apply the academic and formative knowledge (faculty or degrees, research, extension or social engagement and/or ministry) at the service of the real and felt needs of the community, whether they are arranged as internships, projects, courses and/or institutional programmes under the different categories below:

Extension, Environment-related, Social Projection, Social Community or Civic Engagement, University Social Responsibility, Engaged Research, Participatory Action Research, Institutional Mission and Identity, Campus Ministry, Service-Learning, Extra-curricular Service, Voluntary Service, or others.

You may complete the application form available at https://www.uniservitate.org/award-2022/ in the option Submit your experience.

The presentation of the project must be done through the online application form. Those institutions that have Internet-access problems can send an email to award@uniservitate.org so that we can help them to apply correctly.

There are some required questions which allow to correctly evaluate the initiative. We recommend answering ALL the questions on the form, so that the jury can fully understands the project and has the necessary tools to make a better evaluation.

The deadline to submit the project is on Monday, 6th May, 2022, at 11.59 pm. We advise institutions NOT to wait until the last minute to submit their experiences, as there may be Internet problems that make it impossible to upload the file correctly. Application forms submitted after the deadline mentioned above will not be taken into account.

Yes, there is a space on the application form where you can attach files and links to provide support and testimonials of the submitted experience. Please, make sure to provide free access links or open files, otherwise, they will not be considered.
I have submitted the application form, can I make new changes?
Once the applicant clicks on “Send”, NO new changes can be made to the application form or the attached files.

The project must be submitted by a professor or head of the institution carrying it out. However, volunteers may participate by encouraging and helping in the form submission and answering the questions.

The participating educational institutions may submit more than one project, completing a form for each submitted experience.

It is a necessary to have a work team that carries out the project, meaning that there should be more than one professor or member of the educational community involved.

Projects should have started between January 2019 and April 2022.

The institution authorities must specify where they are committed to invest the prize money, in case of winning the award. The prize money is given the winning institution, to develop and expand the submitted experience, or to start a new one. The may cannot be used to pay salaries or the institution current expenses.

Winners are announced by July 2022.

Only forms completed in English, Spanish and French will be accepted.

No, in order to make changes or modifications you must select the option “save your answer”. Once the applicant has selected the “Submit” option, he/she will not be able to make any further changes.

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