Service-Learning Experiences in Catholic Higher Education

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The Uniservitate Programme invites all Catholic Higher Education Institutions (CHEIs) developing experiences that include academic learning in the solidarity service to the community to be part of the Uniservitate Award 2022: “Service-Learning Experiences in Catholic Higher Education.”

This initiative seeks to make visible and promote the quality Service-Learning (SL) practices carried out, that is, to acknowledge experiences that account for effective contributions to the solution of socio-environmental problems, identified and addressed in solidarity with organizations and community members. It includes the active participation of students in all project stages and a clear connection between service and educational planning that has specific links with the curriculum, opportunities for skills development, reflection and research.

Thus we hope to contribute to establishing and strengthening the institutionalization of the service-learning pedagogy, promote projects, inspire, build bridges and set up networks, so we encourage everyone to present and share their valuable experiences.

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“The true service of education is education to service”

Global Compact on Education


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The Uniservitate Award is a global recognition, which will be awarded regionally to the best “Service-Learning Experiences (SL) in Catholic Higher Education.”


  • To highlight and make visible the SL experiences that articulate teaching, research, and social outreach in line with the CHEIs’ main mission, by joining science and faith, academic excellence, and the concrete testimony of a socially committed Institution.
  • To recognize and make visible the Catholic Higher Education Institutions that best integrate the academic learning of students with the service to the community.
  • To identify the SL experiences currently developed in Catholic Higher Education, in order to contribute to their promotion, replication in the system as a whole, and their massive dissemination.
  • To systematize the contributions of those experiences able to enrich the field of knowledge of SL, its institutionalization, and its relationship with the spiritual dimension.
  • To strengthen networks between Higher Education institutions and the various civil society, governmental, community and/or private organizations, etc.
  • To contribute to the training of professionals who are aware of the needs of the community and committed to the construction of a more just, inclusive and fraternal society.


All Catholic Higher Education Institutions, university and non-university, that have developed or are developing service-learning projects or programmes between January 2019 and April 2022.

Uniservitate Award 2022. Submissions map

Find out which institutions have submitted their service-learning projects in each region of the Uniservitate Programme.


The total amount of the Prize is €84,000 (euros) to be distributed among the following regions:

  1. Africa
  2. Asia & Oceania
  3. Latin America and The Caribbean
  4. Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  5. Western Europe North
  6. Western Europe South
  7. The United States of America and Canada

For each of the seven regions mentioned above, a regional jury will select among the experiences submitted:

  • 2 (two) FIRST PRIZES of €5,000 each.
    In addition, 1 (one) coordinating teacher and 1 (one) student will be chosen to participate in the III Uniservitate Symposium in the city of Rome (Italy) from 26th to 30th October 2022.
  • 2 (two) SPECIAL MENTIONS of €1,000 each.



Terms and Conditions

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All Catholic Higher Education Institutions, university and non-university, that have developed or are developing service-learning projects and/or programmes between January 2019 and April 2022.

We understand “solidarity service-learning” (SL) as the experiences, projects, practices, courses or institutional programmes of solidarity service which include the community, with the students as active leaders, and is deliberately integrated with the curriculum contents and research programmes. It is an educational methodology that develops meaningful learning and promotes problem-based learning, to offer specific solutions while reinforcing the whole-person education.
Service-learning projects not only contribute to addressing a wide variety of social and environmental needs, but also optimize the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, since they encourage students to research and solidarity engage in a community context.

All those experiences that apply the academic and formative knowledge (faculty or degrees, research, extension or social engagement and/or ministry) at the service of the real and felt needs of the community, whether they are arranged as internships, projects, courses and/or institutional programmes under the different categories below:

Extension, Environment-related, Social Projection, Social Community or Civic Engagement, University Social Responsibility, Engaged Research, Participatory Action Research, Institutional Mission and Identity, Campus Ministry, Service-Learning, Extra-curricular Service, Voluntary Service, or others.



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Presentation of the winners of the Uniservitate Award 2022 at the III Global Uniservitate Symposium (Rome, Italy)


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