Assam Don Bosco University

The dream for Don Bosco University was born out of an imperative in the psyche of Don Bosco Society that the society has to be emphatically present where the professionals and the leaders of the society are being formed. Focused work on setting up the University began in early 2006 after Fr. Joseph Almeida and Fr. Stephen Mavely held a preliminary meeting on 24 February 2006. 29th March 2008 remains as the Foundation Day of the University.
The University now has three campuses which are located in Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam, India.

Pedagogical Style

The distinctive educational philosophy and method of Don Bosco are:

  • A preferential option for young people from the lower strata of society, providing them with an education and preparing them for their insertion into the world of work.
  • Close attention to the inter-relationship between culture, religion, science, technology,
    education, professional ethics, and integrity of life.
  • A spirit of family characterized by the presence of teachers and administrators among and for the students.
  • An academic and educative style of relationship founded on reason, religion, and kindness.
  • Special attention to the formation of educators, the field of technology and work, and the world of communications.
  • Efforts to promote in society formative programs that impact educative processes as well as strategies and policies for youth research, teaching, study and cultural services aimed to better know the situation of youth, especially the most disadvantaged, to bring about their positive transformation.
Assam Don Bosco University photo

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