As one of the Catholic higher learning institutions in Tanzania, Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) offers varied academic programmes to students from all backgrounds and religious affiliations in terms of teaching and learning. The University also engages in research and publication as well as community outreach services, intending to produce professionally competent, innovative, and committed graduates grounded on professional excellence and moral integrity.

With the opportunity to be part of Uniservitate’s Regional Hub of Africa, Mwenge Catholic University feels more empowered than ever, with collaborative tools to carry over its mission and vision to the next level through science, faith, teaching, and learning excellence, while emphasizing on students and lectures community service engagements. That is, students and teachers transfer to the community what they learn in class to transform communities around them.

MWECAU works with the majority of young people, the university embraces the call of Pope Francis in Christus vivit i.e., to young people and to the entire people of God, insisting to the youth that Christ is alive, and he wants you to be alive. Pope Francis goes on to remind that all of us are challenged and urged to reflect both on the young and for the young. Reflecting on this crucial urge from Pope Francis, MWECAU takes a strong stance through service-learning to create awareness among MWECAU students, lecturers, and the community around, to utilize useful resources of students and lecturers to become urgent of change beyond our university surrounding communities to the entire country.

The university envisions to its community members particularly students that while serving others, they become themselves innovative and attract job creation instead of seeking untouchable employment opportunities after graduation. Furthermore, as the University name entails MWENGE i.e., light, and our motto Lux Mund-Light of the world, MWECAU is determined to carry out the University light to the rest of the country where students and teachers can apply the in-class teaching and learning skills in addressing diverse community challenges at the same time tackling opportunities.

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