Loyola University of Congo

Loyola University of Congo have 5 different faculties: the faculties of Philosophy and Agronomic and Veterinary Sciences already existing since 1954 and 1994 respectively, the Faculty of Engineering started in 2014, the faculties of Business Administration (Business school) and Social Sciences still to be opened.

The university, created by the Jesuits, is based on Ignatian pedagogy, to form people by stimulating their critical sense and their responsibility. It prepares them to participate actively in the sustainable development of Congolese society.


The ULC provides access to university knowledge and collaborates in its environment for the development of the community. It prepares its students for the sustainable development of society and provides quality scientific, technical, ethical and religious training.


The ULC wishes to be a reference university for a sustainable, united and inclusive development in Central Africa by putting forward :

  • The excellence of its teaching, research and formation rooted in the experience of Jesuits around the world;
  • The good governance of its bodies;
  • Service to society.



Website: https://loyola.cd/index.php/l-ulc/

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