Erasmus: A Project at the Service of the Reconstruction of Ukraine

When the war in Ukraine has not yet ended, there are already those who, through education, are betting on its reconstruction. In recent weeks, a university project that obtained Erasmus funding and in which CLAYSS participates as an ally, began to be implemented.

The initiative, named ServU, seeks to respond through service-learning to the needs of six communities in that country devastated by war and will be led for three years by the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), in collaboration with two other Ukrainian universities, Sumy State University and Dnipro Polytechnic, and three European ones, KU Leuven (Belgium), LUMSA (Italy) and the KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany).

Sophia Opatska, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development at UCU, in reference to the ServU project, stated that “CLAYSS is our reliable partner in this endeavor and we are holding to our partnership as one of the important elements of stability.”. She added that “Ukrainian people and communities are in a very challenging situation right now: some of them are devastated by Russian invasion, others are absorbing huge internal and external migration. It is hard to imagine what the future holds to us as human beings and citizens. In these challenging times, three Ukrainian Universities with the support of international partners are initiating the ServU project to use service-learning to help in the recovery of six Ukrainian communities.”


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