ODUCAL: A Latin American Space to break out of Endogamy

The Organization of Catholic Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean (ODUCAL) held the XX Intermediate General Assembly in the province of Salta, in northern Argentina. In addition to the authorities of the ODUCAL member universities, related organizations participated, including the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU), represented by its president, Isabel Capeloa, and the Head of the Foresight Unit, Corinne Mellul, and Uniservitate, in the person of its General Coordinator, María Rosa Tapia.

Dissertations, workshops and moments of common prayer took place at the headquarters of the Catholic University of Salta (UCASAL), celebrating its 60th anniversary since its foundation. Rodolfo Gallo Cornejo, the rector of UCASAL, also presides over ODUCAL.

Over two days, discussions revolved around innovation in teaching, collaboration in research and public commitment of Catholic educational institutions. The assembly also introduced new institutional collaboration mechanisms, such as the Global Compact on Education, peace and democracy, the digitalization of Catholic universities and scientific research.

Engineer Gallo Cornejo, the event’s host,, emphasized the value of networking, stating that “universities cannot grow if they do not leave the endogamy of being closed in on themselves. The opening of the University to the world has implied enormous progress from an academic, scientific and research perspective.”

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