Solidarity Service-Learning in Catholic Higher Education

The Uniservitate Award is a global recognition of the best solidarity service-learning experiences in Catholic Higher Education. It is based on the assertion of the Global Compact on Education: “The true service of education is education to service”.
The Award is open to Catholic Higher Education Institutions, whether university or non-university, with a track record in projects, projects, practices, courses or institutional programmes involving solidarity service. These initiatives actively engage students as leaders within the community, intentionally integrating with curriculum contents and research programmes.
Organized biennially, the Award carries a total prize fund of €84,000, distributed across awards and special mentions in each of the seven regions encompassing Uniservitate. Selection of winning experiences involves a rigorous process with multiple stages and diverse panels of judges.
In the inaugural edition in 2022, 28 experiences were awarded out of the 200 submissions from educational institutions globally. The recipients were presented with the award during the III Global Symposium held in Rome in October 2022, travelling as part of the Uniservitate Award.
The second edition, scheduled for 2024, will also include as a prize an opportunity for the winners to travel and participate in the V Global Symposium in October in Rome, Italy.

The Award objectives are the following:

  • Show and highlight the SL experiences that connect teaching, research and social projection in line with the primary mission of the CHEIs, combining science and faith, academic excellence and the tangible testimony of an Institution engaged with the community.
  • Acknowledge and make visible the CHEIs that excel in including academic learning in solidarity service to the community.
    Showcase the SL experiences within Catholic Higher Education to contribute to their promotion, replication throughout the system, and widespread dissemination.
  • Systematize the contributions of the SL experiences to enhance SL knowledge and its institutionalization and inclusion in the transforming spiritual dimension.
  • Strengthen networks between Higher Education institutions and various civil society, governmental, community or private organizations, etc.
    Contribute to the training of professionals who understand the community’s needs and are committed to building a fairer, more fraternal and caring society.


We add here the link to the PDF with the details of the fields to complete in application form 1, as reference material only. To apply for experiences, it is mandatory to complete form 1, indicated in the previously link.

Deatails of the fields to complete form 1

For more information: award@uniservitate.org

Each Uniservitate hub will receive the applications within the deadline established by region:

AFRICA: launch 7th February

LATIN AMERICA & THE CARIBBEAN: launch 28th January / Deadline for applications 18th March

ASIA & OCEANIA: launch 7th February

USA & CANADA: launch 1st March

CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST: launch 12th February / Deadline for applications 24th March

WESTERN EUROPE NORTH: launch 1st February / Deadline for applications 18th March

WESTERN EUROPE SOUTH: we will notify soon


These were the Uniservitate Award 2022 winners