Uniservitare World Prayer

All together, at the same time, from different corners of the planet, praying, sowing hope, and strengthening the spirituality of each one. That is what the “World Prayer” project that Uniservitate launched based on the proposal of the universities of the Southern European node is about.

Inspired by the Gospel, when Jesus teaches that the “Father in heaven” will grant whatever two or more gathered in His name ask for, representatives of the University of Deusto, Spain, proposed opening a monthly prayer space that has already become a reality. On 21st December, 53 teachers, students and other representatives of universities from ten countries shared a moment of prayer and reflection.

The project is open to the participation of all higher education institutions that wish to intervene. The proposal consists of a twenty-minute virtual meeting every first Thursday of the month. On each occasion a different university is responsible for producing and leading the prayer.

The first meeting marked the following path: for twenty minutes of the Latin American morning, the European afternoon, and the Asian evening, students, educators, and staff of different ages and backgrounds came together as one in spirit.

The idea arose among representatives of the University of Deusto, driven by the invitation of Pope Francis when he said: “Let us think of a houseplant: we have to water it consistently every day. Even more so with prayer. We need the daily water of prayer, we need time dedicated to God, so that he can enter into our time, into our lives; consistent moments in which we open our hearts to him so that he can daily pour out on us love, peace, joy, strength, hope, thus nourishing our faith.” (Angelus, 10/16/22)

Until September, the schedule of World Prayer moments will be:

1st February: Catholic University of Eichstatt Ingolstadt (Germany)
7th March: Mwenge Catholic university (Tanzania)
4th April: Tangaza University College (Kenya)
2nd May: Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (Argentina)
6th June: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (Ecuador)
4th July: De La Salle University (Phiippines)
1st August: CLAYSS
5th September: Australian Catholic University (Australia)

To participate in the next meetings you must complete this form with contact information.





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