Rita Anyumba – Africa: “Service-learning is like a moving train that everyone should jump on”

Rita Anyumba is a lawyer and Porticus representative for Africa. Her role is to connect Uniservitate’s Africa hub and the African universities that are that network members with the community.

At Porticus, she sees service-learning as a bridge that connects academics at universities with deprived communities through specialized work.

“Service-learning revalues youth. In Africa, 80% of the population is young. We need new ideas and new energy to help these people revive the African continent. While there are young people who have done voluntary service, formal service-learning helps them to identify why they do it, what they influence, in what ways, and how they can make better contributions,” he said.

She participated in the 26th International Service-Learning Conference in Buenos Aires; at the end, she commented that she realized that service-learning “is very flexible and can be done in different ways and different institutions” and added that “enriching herself in this way” was “good for her heart and head”.


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