Daniel Fassa Evangelista – Latin America: “I would like to see all universities across the world with service-learning initiatives”

Daniel Fassa Evangelista holds a PhD in Sociology and an MA in Political Philosophy. He works for the Latin American office of Porticus in São Paulo, managing projects in Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

“Service-learning is a very important proposal, both from a pedagogical perspective and, above all, from the university social responsibility point of view. It is essential to go forth and face reality, make a diagnosis based on the knowledge university provides, offer solutions and work with the community, integrating it and listening to it to find solutions; so, I think service-learning is very important, especially in Latin America because it is one of the most unequal continents,” he said.

You participated in the 26th International Service-Learning Conference in Buenos Aires, what did you think of it?
“Clayss does an extraordinary job coordinating a global initiative. It is something unusual; you can see very good coordination, because there were people from all continents, and consistent work carried out in each place, very concrete evidence and very serious knowledge production from the scientific point of view. It seems to me to be an initiative that has the potential to grow a lot. I would like to see all universities across the world with service-learning initiatives and at other levels of education as well”.


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