Path Towards a Decalogue of Good Practices in Service-learning Management



Experience Exp Creighton USA 

From the fraternal exchange between the members of Uniservitate, an initiative emerged that will soon be shared with the entire community of this network:a “A Decalogue of Lessons Learned”, guidelines for the regional management of a global service-learning program in Catholic Higher Education.

For several months, representatives from three of the seven Uniservitate hubs worked together: Latin America and the Caribbean, Southern Europe, and Central Europe and the Middle East. The international team, accompanied by María Rosa Tapia, Andrés Peregalli and Candelaria Ferrara, from the Uniservitate coordination, identified 16 items with tools for good regional management of a program that seeks to generate systemic change in Catholic Higher Education Institutions through of the institutionalization of supportive service-learning as a tool for its mission of achieving holistic education. In virtual meetings, which were repeated throughout 2023, the leading universities of the regional hubs shared their experience during the three years of the first stage of the program by accompanying the institutionalization process of other universities.

Experince St. Thomas

A first draft of the future “decalogue”, in which diverse perspectives from different latitudes converged, is currently being reviewed by institutions in the rest of the regions that make up the five continents.

The authors of the initiative anticipated that it is not a manual or compendium of instructions but rather a document with guidelines on relevant factors and actions that may be useful for those who choose the enriching path of supportive service-learning. The central objective of the “decalogue” is that the reflection on the accompaniment of the hubs to the universities that make up the program, contributes to reinforcing good practices, in order to foster a culture of collaboration, commitment and mutual support with the accompanied universities.

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