Repository: In search of an “engaged curriculum”

Service-learning committed curriculum to make the Global Compact on Education a reality is the title of one of the latest additions to the Uniservitate Repository. This article was produced in collaboration between Chilean and Argentine professionals and the coordination of Uniservitate programme that was presented at the VIII International Congress of Scholas Chairs “(Towards a) university without programs and with classrooms without walls,” and published by the magazine “Cultori dell’Incontro” (Santiago de Chile, September 2022).

The work explores the curricular field based on the experience of institutionalization of service learning in three programmes at the Pontifical University of Chile (PUC). It provides evidence to affirm that it is possible to implement a model of institutionalization of service-learning in higher education, generating a sustained growth of social commitment from its curricular insertion.

The authors of this article are professionals from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile: Chantal Jouannet, José Sepúleda and Rocío Fontana and the coordinators of Uniservitate María Rosa Tapia and Andrés Peregalli.

You can access the material here

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