Uniservitate Collection: Strategies and lessons learned about institutionalization of AYSS in Belgium

The book Institutionalization of Service-Learning in Higher Education, volume 4, freely accessible on the Uniservitate website since last May, has been enriched with a new contribution. KU Leuven, Belgium, updated Chapter 11, which shares valuable experiences aimed at the sustainable institutionalization of service-learning.

The work, by educators Maaike Mottart and Nicolas Standaert, describes an experience of institutionalization of service-learning developed “from the bottom up” from the courses with social commitment existing at the University and anchored in five pillars: information, training, networks, pilot projects and research.

The new experiences of KU Leuven were included in the book of the Uniservitate Collection that compiles reflections and experiences on how and with what sense processes are awakened and sustained, allowing the integration of service-learning into the institutional identity and culture of Higher Education Institutions to the point of characterizing it as “institutionalized.”

You can download the book here


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