USA & Canadá Hub meeting: Strengthening bonds and facing challenges at American universities

The challenges presented by research on service-learning in Catholic universities in the United States were the focus of a meeting between representatives of 29 universities in that country last Monday, 23rd October in New Orleans.


The activity, carried out within the framework of the Uniservitate programme, was convened by the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (ACCU) through its CESPN (Community Engaged Scholar-Practitioner Network) network. The day took place at the headquarters of Loyola University, whose authorities participated in the opening of the dialogue and reiterated their commitment to the development of service-learning.

Prof. Maria Nieves Tapia Founder and Director, Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario (CLAYSS)

Coordinated by Patrick Green, Jay Brandenberger and Anthony Vinciguerra (in charge of the CESPN research commission) and Andrew Furco (Uniservitate Academic Sounding Board), the participants also worked on the Global Research Agenda proposal and added their impressions through the dynamics planned for this great project that will culminate in two more years. The USA & Canada hub of Uniservitate, headed by ACCU, has been developing these thematic lines through three work teams that address research, professional development and communications.

        Dr. Andrew Furco, Member, Uniservitate Academic Sounding Board, in his presentation during the ACCU Conference

Among the participants, in addition to Nadine Jalandoni, director of ACCU and organizer of the event, were Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS and Uniservitate; Daniel Giorgetti, researcher at Uniservitate, and two members of the board of that programme, Barbara Mc Crabb and Andrew Furco, who also leads the Global Research Agenda for IARSLCE.

The meeting was celebrated by its protagonists for the richness of the interventions and the strengthening of bonds and evidenced the growth of the organization of the USA & Canada hub.

Colored papers with answers from the participants in the Research workshop organized by Dr. Andrew Furco









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