The registry of knowledge production about Service-Learning grows

The “state of the art” in terms of Service-Learning (SL) has an open-door home that houses more and more knowledge. The Uniservitate institutional repository, freely accessible on the program’s website, exceeded six hundred resources produced by SL protagonists in almost fifty countries. And it continues to grow.

Created a little over two years ago, the repository contains texts, videos, audios and images about Service-Learning and its spiritual dimension in higher education from a multicultural perspective. These are investigations, experiences, reflections, dissertations, opinions or productions from social media, all linked to the pedagogy of Service-Learning and whose sources can be academic, pedagogical, ecclesiastical, governmental or journalistic.

The resources are published in their original language – in total there are 23 different languages ​​- and a summary is offered for each one in English, Spanish and French. They are labelled, catalogued and organised into ten Collections including Community, Territory and Globalization; Experiences; Institutionalisation: Spirituality of service, Integral Education and Forms of student Participation and Leadership. Content searches are facilitated by the possibility of using up to three location filters.
The universities and institutions that are members of Uniservitate and the programme professionals who select and evaluate the materials that are already openly available on the Internet collaborate with the enrichment of the repository.

Some of the treasures that everyone can access are the “Guide to developing Service-Learning projects. CLAYSS 20th Anniversary Edition”, by María Nieves Tapia; “Spirituality and Higher Education: Perspectives from Service-Learning”, by Uniservitate; “Notebooks of university Ignatian pedagogy. Project PE5. Service Learning”, by UNIJES (Jesuit Universities) and, among other experiences, the video “Safe drinking water”, from Assam Don Bosco University.

Each new content included in the Uniservitate Repository contributes to realising the objective of this initiative of inspiring, encouraging and providing foundation for the renewal of institutional educational projects aimed at multicultural social change.





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