First Uniservitate global meeting in 2023: opening of the second stage of the program

On Wednesday 12th April was held the first global meeting of the Uniservitate Program, by zoom and with the presence of all who are participating in this project that was born in 2019 and reunites universities from all over the world that work on service-learning, focusing on spirituality.

The first meeting of the year gave way to the “second stage of the program”, a period that starts with the revision of the path traveled and the pattern of the new objectives that complement what has been achieved until today. The meeting was attended by Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, María Rosa Tapia, General Coordinator of the Program, Andrés Peregalli, General Vice Coordinator of Uniservitate and Candelaria Ferrara, Regional Hubs Coordinator, among other team members of Argentina. Also, members of the academic council and representatives of the 7 regional hubs in the 5 continents attended the meeting.

In addition to reflecting about what has been worked on and sharing ongoing projects, in this meeting the new members were welcomed and introduced: Cristina Robledano and Rita Anyumba, from Porticus and Daniel Giorgetti, Alejandro Williams Becker and Ezequiel Gómez Caride, from Uniservitate.

In this new phase of the program there are multiple challenges for each and every one of those who are part of Uniservitate, real opportunities to continue growing together. Now that the objectives were set, the possibilities were analyzed and the next activities were proposed, the Program is working on the realization of everything proposed. This is the time, also, for new higher education institutions to join to the Program.




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