Students leading high-impact projects in Sint Jans Molenbeek

In October 2022, the Catholic University of Leuven and TADA (short for ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir) signed a strategic cooperation agreement to reduce educational inequality and promote diversity and inclusion, thanks to the participation of primary and secondary school students and faculty members.
This agreement aims to overcome the barriers preventing young people from suburban contexts from accessing higher education.
Luc Sels, rector of KU Leuven —Uniservitate regional hub for Western Europe North (WEN)— visited the city of Sint Jans Molenbeek (Belgium). During this visit, he learned about the students; work in the service-learning course that aims to reduce educational inequality. "Due to this service-learning course, the students at the University of KU Leuven achieve high results and contribute to
their citizenship training, he said after observing the students; experience.
During the service-learning course, students meet professionals like doctors, judges, filmmakers and engineers. This time, they learned about the work of archaeologist Marianne Toonen. In addition, the students from KU Leuven —Kevin, Gretel and Kristof —unveiled the secrets of the Stone Age, the archaeological finds of Molenbeek and hieroglyphic writing.



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