Clayss and Uniservitate Programme as part of the XI National and V International Congress of University Service-Learning in Barcelona

The XI National and V International Congress of university service-learning “APSU11 Impacta” took place on 25th, 26th and 27th January at the Casa Convalecencia of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. APSU11 IMPACTA

María Rosa Tapia, Andrés Peregalli and Candelaria Ferrara (CLAYSS-Uniservitate) attended this Congress organised by 12 Universities of Barcelona. It addressed the result of service-learning in higher education and its transformative effects: institutions and community, students, faculty members and university.

There was a discussion on evaluation strategies based on different methodologies to enable the detection and assessment of the SL effect. These strategies should be malleable and adaptable to the variety of projects and initiatives that inspire service-learning: quantitative and qualitative, specific to each field or discipline or transversal, and showing its tangible and intangible effects (cognitive, ethical, emotional). The key concepts of the Congress were relevance and evaluation, to take an X-ray of the service-learning at university, without avoiding its lights and shadows (such as the lack of results in certain areas or the ethical dilemmas concerning some interventions).

Along with talks and panel discussions, there were presentations of abstracts and posters, workshops and visits to organisations developing joint service-learning projects with the Universities PRESENTATIONS

On such occasion, María Rosa Tapia, Andrés Peregalli and Lorena Yaber shared their paper Uniservitate. Institucionalización del aprendizaje-servicio y teoría de Cambio en la Educación Superior: monitoreo y evaluación de un programa Glocal [Uniservitate. Service-learning institutionalisation and theory of change in higher education: monitoring and evaluation of a glocal programme] PAPER

 The Congress host also provided a set of handbooks to carry out service-learning projects at the university. HANDBOOKS

The ceremony of the first edition of the “Premio Laura Rubio en proyectos de ApS. La dimensión ética de la intervención social [Laura Rubio Award for Service-Learning Projects. The ethical dimension of social intervention]” was on Friday, 27th January. This award, in memory of our dear colleague Laura Rubio (1977-2021), honours learning initiatives that promote reflection on the ethical aspects of social intervention. María Luisa Ribeiro from the Portuguese Catholic University (University Supported by the Western Europe South (WES) regional hub of the Uniservitate Programme) received the award for this first edition.

The event was a moving and fraternal academic occasion, contributing to strengthening the relationships between CLAYSS and different participants, networks and institutions in Ibero-America and the rest of the world at: EVENT



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