A Uniservitate Academic Sounding Board member receives an annual award for his contribution to AYSS

On 22nd February, Professor Bojana Culum, a Uniservitate Academic Sounding Board member, received the annual “Ivan Filipovic”; award for her contribution to developing higher education in Croatia. The Award ceremony took place in the Croatian Parliament, and the Minister of Science and Education was in attendance. In the ceremony, Culum’s work got recognition for its significant results both nationally and internationally, particularly in the service-learning context in Central and Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. 
Bojana Culum is an Associate Professor at the University of Rijeka (Croatia), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Education. She also serves as a member of the National Council for Youth Work, appointed by the Croatian Government. In addition, she is a member of the European Association of Service-Learning in Higher Education and the Uniservitate Academic Sounding



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