The Uniservitate Programme celebrated its last global meeting of the year

The last global meeting of the year of the Uniservitate Programme was held on Wednesday 7th December.

Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS, María Rosa Tapia, general coordinator of the Programme and the team members in Argentina attended the meeting. Also were present the members of the academic sounding board and the representatives of the 7 regional hubs in the five continents.
In a month of taking stock and self-evaluation, the participants could share reflections and interchange ideas and opinions. They also took the opportunity to celebrate achievements, share concerns and reaffirm themselves as a team to face the many challenges lying ahead in 2023 together.

At the end of the meeting, there was a warm toast full of good wishes, including the idea of “keeping alive the hope that a better world is possible and that service-learning is our way of contributing to this collective dream”.

We share with you the highlights of the meeting.



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