Spirituality and Higher Education: Perspectives from Service-Learning

Spirituality and
Higher Education:
Perspectives from

Various authors

An opportunity for reflection on the identity and mission of Higher Education.

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The book approaches the concept of spirituality from a broad, interreligious perspective and in dialogue with non-religious convictions; with a vision that asks about the meaning of life, about interpersonal and environmental bonds, and about how to develop life projects oriented to the common good. From this perspective, the book offers a comprehensive analysis of the formative impact of solidarity service-learning experiences on students and on the institutional network that articulates the university.
Developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this volume proposes clues and reflections that encompass but also go beyond this situation and allow us to think of Higher Education as a training space that simultaneously embraces “head, heart and hands”.
Its authors have gathered research and experiences from all continents, from the Catholic university world as well as from other faiths and convictions, which deepen service-learning from the ethics of care and fraternity.


M. Beatriz Isola

Andrzej Wodka, C.Ss.R.

Arantzazu Martínez Odría

Michael Valenzuela, FSC

Carina Rossa

Claudia Mora Motta

Daniel Horan, OFM

Pbro. Ernesto Jesús Brotóns Tena

Federico Giraudo

Daniela Gargantini photo

Daniela Gargantini

Isabel Egaña

Ana Isabel Gómez Villalba

James Arthur

James Kielsmeier

José Ivo Follmann, SJ

Kevin Ahern

Laura Gherlone

Mauro Mantovani, SDB

Mercy Pushpalatha photo

Mercy Pushpalatha

María Nieves Tapia

Patrick M. Green

Priscilla A.S.

Tom Harrison

Xus Martin

Chatper 1


Chapter 2

Guidelines for an “institutional spirituality”
in Catholic higher education: towards a “New Humanism”

Chapter 3

Francis´s pedagogy and Service-Learning spirituality

Chapter 4

Charismas and solidarity learning: a symphony of four University testimonials

Chapter 5

The Ignatian charism, the University and Service-Learning

Chapter 6

The mission of the University and the charism of Opus Dei

Chapter 7

Becoming co-workers with God: Lasallian spirituality and Service-Learning

Chapter 8

Prophecy and solidariety: a Franciscan perspective

Chapter 9

A critical reflection on how spiritualy animates Service-Learning in the North American catholic higher education context

Chapter 10

Service-Learning, character education and spiritualy in a Catholic University

Chapter 11

Building solidarity through a spirituality of action

Chapter 12

The role of educational accompaniment in the development of Service Learning projects

Chapter 13

Spirituality and service: impact on the graduates’ education

Chapter 14

Understanding Service Learning: a new visión of youth society and a new concept of learning

Chapter 15

The spiritual dimension of Service-Learning: a multicultural and interreligious perspective

Chapter 16

Fraternity and care in Service-Learning

Chapter 17

Integral ecology and spiritualy for Service Learning

Chapter 18

Conclusions: why complicate something so simple?

Chapter 19


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