Uniservitate was present at the 2022 ACCU Annual Meeting

In early February, 2022 ACCU Annual Meeting took place under the motto: “Called Together”.

After almost two years of pandemic, this important event was able to be held in person, bringing together in Washington DC the presidents and senior administrators of Catholic colleges and universities from the region and other parts of the world.

Maria Rosa Tapia was present at the Annual Meeting on behalf of Uniservitate Porgramme to contribute in face-to-face to the content of the event.

ACCU is the Uniservitate regional hub for the United States and Canada, and is a key partner for the region.  For this reason, Uniservitate’s presence at the event was key to strengthen ties with the universities and institutions that are part of its global programme.

2022 ACCU Annual Meeting “Called Together” invited to reflect and discuss on the most pressing issues in Catholic institutions that affect us all. It also provided an opportunity to hear and learn from leading experts on broad issues from a Catholic perspective.

Importantly, one of the most valued aspects of the meeting was that it offered members the opportunity to greet colleagues, share ideas and discuss issues important to Catholic higher education, while featuring programmes specifically designed to convene participants from key offices on member campuses.

Below we share a compilation of highlights from the event and from this long-awaited trip for Uniservitate, which we hope will be the first of many more: https://prezi.com/i/yafbmpudvela/



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