Kisubi University organised a Public Lecture on SL

Last Friday, Kisubi University (Unik, Uganda), a member institution of the Uniservitate regional hub in Africa, organised a public lecture on Service-Learning, under the motto: Embracing 21st Century Pedagogy for Active Learning.

The main objective of the event was to raise awareness of Service-Learning in the wider university community.  The conference introduced managers, educators and students to the theoretical and experiential foundations of Service-Learning as an innovative pedagogical philosophy that shapes students as agents of social change, aiming also to improve their living conditions both individually and within the communities in which they live.

Dr. Judith Pete (Tangaza University College, Kenya) and Prof. Ma. Rosa Tapia (Uniservitate Programme, CLAYSS, Argentina) also joined the meeting as speakers.

It was an opportunity for Conference participants to seek a deeper understanding and knowledge about Service-Learning, and to share about its benefits and success stories of the pedagogy from around the world.

Finally, the Public Conference became the gateway to all the Service-Learning activities that will be organised from this year and beyond, which will include: the launch of the Service-Learning Club (as a link between the Coordination Team and the student body), the presentation of the UniK Service-Learning Tree and Logo, and the announcement of the Service-Learning Essay Competition, among others.

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