The SL team of the University of Deusto, Uniservitate’s regional hub for Western Europe South, recently launched its podcast “Tiempo de AYSS”.

This new space for communication and exchange aims to provide keys and tools for the institutionalisation of SL in higher education institutions from different perspectives and moments.

The first two episodes are now available, with some of the best interviewees.

Episode 1 features the participation of Nieves Tapia, founder and director of the Latin American Centre for Learning and Solidarity Service (CLAYSS). The specialist talks about the importance and benefits of institutionalising SL in Catholic Institutions of Higher Education (CIES), the process, stages, keys and possible barriers to implementing it.

Episode 2 interviews Andrew Furco, creator of the self-assessment rubric for the institutionalisation of service-learning in higher education.The expert and world reference on the subject, delved into the keys to undertake the process of institutionalisation of service-learning at the higher education level.

Both episodes can be downloaded at the following link:



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