The service-learning map around the world.

Developing solidarity actions of mutual care, that allow us to cope not only with the effects of the global pandemic but with many other problems (inequality, poverty, unemployment, discrimination, violence) exacerbated in this context, has been the purpose of numerous service-learning experiences implemented in recent months around the world.

In order to identify these experiences, learn about them and build networks between the institutions and the communities that promote them, CLAYSS invited people from all over the world to share AYSS experiences that emerged during the pandemic. The result is this global collaborative and interactive map in which numerous proposals arising in different parts of the world are geolocated. Clicking on each icon you can access a brief reference of the participating institutions and the type of project they are developing.

The map is still open so that together we can make visible the solidarity experiences that multiply daily and that picture the commitment of educational institutions to social demands in these critical times.

We invite you to add your proposals and projects.



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